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Kanchipuram Heritage city

Kanchipuram is one of the Heritage cities selected by Government of India

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kanchipuram temple oldKanchipuram temple old


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Kanchipuram, the temple town is the district headquarters of Kanchipuram District. Kanchipuram is called city of thousand temples. Kanchipuram was the capital the Pallavas during the 7th - 9th centuries. Kanchipuram is famous for hand-woven silk fabrics and saris.Highest quality silk and pure gold thread is used for weaving. 
     Kanchipuram district is situated on the north-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, adjacent Chennai city. It is bounded in the west by Vellore and Thiruvannamalai district, in the north by Thiruvallur district and Chennai district, in the south by Villupuram district, in the east by Bay of Bengal. It lies between 11° 00' to 12° 00' North latitudes and 77° 28' to 78° 50' East longitudes.

    Kancheepuram silk Saree is the most superior silk saree in the world. It is double warped and double weft. the The Jari in the motifs is incorporated by dipping the silk thread into liquid gold and silver. This enhances the beauty and the value of the silk saree.

(Kancheepuram Sarees are also known as Kanchipuram and Kancheevaram and sometimes Kanchivaram Sarees)

Images  of 108 Siva Temples in Kanchipuram

Some Kanchipuram Temples.

1.katchesvara koil

2.kamachi Amman Koil

3 Thirukalvanur

4. Kowsikesvarar


6.ulakalanda Perumal


8 Tirukaaragam

9 Thirukarvaanam

10. Sadurpuja Anjaneyyar

11.Abirameesvara perumal

12 Ammarewvara perumal koil

13. kumarakootam Koil

14.Sri Pondavadura Koil

15 Surakaraswara Perumal Koil

16.Ramanatheswarar Temple

17.Ekambaranathar Temple

18. Onakaandeswarar Temple

19.Thirumelthaliwarar temple


Simmer 36 C  (Max ) to 28 C (Min)

Winter   28 C (Min) to 25 C (Min)

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

 Kanchipuram silk sarees are acclaimed across the world, the silk thread interwoven with gold zari, was not only the favourite of the women of the glorious past, but also of the modern times. It is not only an adored aspect of Indian clothing, especially in the South, but is also a traditional and cultural aspect of the Tamils.  More details...

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